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#CityMoversStorage unit locationsTruck rental locationsTotal
2New Castle, DE32712
3Wilmington, DE11810
4Dover, DE1179
5Lewes, DE--44
6Smyrna, DE--44
7Milford, DE--44
9Bear, DE1-23
10Laurel, DE--22
11Harrington, DE--22
12Georgetown, DE--22
13Middletown, DE--22
14Felton, DE--22
15Millsboro, DE--22
16Rehoboth Beach, DE--22
17Milton, DE--11
18Magnolia, DE--11
19Millville, DE--11
20Greenwood, DE--11
21Frederica, DE--11
22Claymont, DE--11
23Bridgeville, DE--11
24Selbyville, DE--11
25Frankford, DE--11

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