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5 Things to Avoid When Hiring Moving Companies

Guide For Finding Best Movers

After careful consideration, you have decided to use movers company services – so most important aspect to consider would be looking for the best one possible. Even though city directory will be of great help for you, it may be rather hard task to find the right one.

Mistakes you should avoid when looking for movers

1. Getting information from tight number of companies, for example, two only

Regardless of distance of your planned move or number of items that you will need to transport, it is important to get quotes from at least three mover companies to make comparison and evaluate your options. And it’s normally to look at minimum of five companies, check feedback from other customers and compare pricing policies.

2. Getting price estimates from movers without actual visit

It is good idea, to let movers see your home and evaluate amount of packaging and number of items to move – this way actual price will not differ that much from the estimate. Another reason for doing that would be better understanding of special gear needed to perform the move. If you make an inventory list beforehand and then double check it with movers company after the visit, you will almost nullify the chance of future misunderstanding. It will not only provide movers with full checklist, but also will give you a mental reminder of what items will need special carriage, packages and handling. Overall, the more structured and detailed your list it, the better.

3. Making choice based on lowest price

There can be no lowest price without reasoning behind it. While getting price two times lower than the nearest competitor offers may be tempting, it is well worth checking twice and making sure that you are not getting yourself lured in some kind of price-trap. Fraud movers can catch your attention with special offers, certain free services and other tricks – saving few bucks on one aspect will normally transform into huge extra charges somewhere else. Of course, legit companies also can have special deal and may take their prices down for various reasons. Just make sure to collect all the necessary data.

4. Asking all the wrong questions

Getting most suitable movers to do the job is a complicated task. Number of details that you need to keep in mind may be overwhelming. Your best bet would be making a complete list of questions and aspects that you are going to ask and find out – in most cases, it will help you ensure that you let best available company to handle your move.

5. Not checking possible extra charges in full

Most common extra charges would be per level stairs fee, long walking distance from the actual loading spot and fragile items packing and handling. In order to be ready and possibly avoid it, you will need to ask for full listing of extras that company may apply. If you do not understand something, please clarify it with the manager or supervisor.