Full-service moving company

What to choose: Truck Rental or Professional Mover?

Is it worth to hire professional full-service moving company or it would be better to do it renting a truck? Bellow you will find a number of things to take into account and make this serious decision.

How much are your ready to spend?

The less money you have for moving, the more benefits will have truck rentals in your eyes. Taking this for granted, it is always a good idea to check several truck rental companies, add in approximate gas cost, and compare it to professional movers.

What is the move distance?

If you need to move anywhere across the town, then hiring professionals would not be of much use. Moving across the country may be a different story. It may be well worth higher expenses not to drive all the way in a rented truck on your own. Consider safe packing as well – it is not something that is easy to perform yourself.

How much time you have?

Professional movers will ensure that you move to your new home in the shortest time frame possible. On the other hand, some people need that extra time for proper packing. Not everyone likes to live in the house, full of boxes, even for a short period.

What’s your daily schedule?

When you work more than 10 hours a day, pick your kids from school after it, cook, and have less than 4 hours sleep you will not want to do any packing yourself. Won’t be a pleasant experience at all.

Is there anyone to assist you?

When deciding to rent a truck, carefully consider if there will be anyone to help you out with the moving and loading truck. Friends and relatives can help you out around the town, but most likely won’t be much of a help in a cross-country move.

Are there any physical restrictions for you?

You will not be able to buy any health for saved money, so there can be no excuses for attempting to lift heavy items, when your doctor told you not to. Therefore, if friends or family members will not be able to help you with that, it is better to use professional movers.

Are there many items that may be broken in process of moving?

Even though most self-moving people think, they can pack fragile items on themselves, professionals has been doing it for quite a time and, in most cases, will ensure safer packing for your items. Most companies also provide insurance, so if anything breaks, you will not have to deal with it yourself – you will get money for your property instead.

Will you move anything especially heavy?

Generally fit people can lift and carry dressers and wardrobes in most cases. However, if you need to move something of extreme size or weight, like piano, you’d better hire professional team, as they have been doing it on regular basis.

Are there any obstacles in your home floor plan?

Skyscraper elevator out of operation, narrow passes, hard angles to deal with and oversized furniture may be some of the factors to consider when choosing professional team over moving on your own.