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Registration information found

Unique USDOT Number of the Motor Carrier82866
Legal name of a carrierABF FREIGHT SYSTEM INC
Carrier's Doing-Business-As name
Codes identifying carriers' type of Operation; A = Interstate, B = Intrastate Hazmat, C = Intrastate Non-HazmatA
Carrier is subject to placardable HM threshold ( Y = Yes, N = No)Y
Carrier is subject to passengercarrier Threshold (Y = Yes, N = No)N
Physical street address of a carrier3801 OLD GREENWOOD RD
Physical city of a carrierFORT SMITH
Physical state of a carrierAR
Physical zip code of a carrier72903
Physical country of a carrierUS
Mail street address of a carrierP O BOX 10048
Mail city of a carrierFORT SMITH
Mail state of a carrierAR
Mail zip code of a carrier72917-0048
Mail country of a carrierUS
Contact telephone number(479) 785-8700
Fax Number(479) 785-6221
Latest date MCS-150 was filed25-FEB-15
Vehicle Mileage Traveled (VMT) reported on the carrier's MCS-150 form343227145
Year for which VMT was reported2014
Date when carrier information was added to MCMIS Database System01-JUN-74
FMCSA State office with oversight for this carrierAR
Number of power units reported4150
Number of drivers reported6897

Notes: All data extracted from U.S. Government’s open data source. Publisher: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

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