Terrible Moving Company

How Bad Movers May Ruin Your Relocation

We have created a list of top common cheats methods from movers that you would probably want to avoid. In order to do that, you will have to hire most trustworthy movers you can find.

1. Hidden Extra Costs

When you plan the move and invite movers to your house, they normally would check all the items you would like to move, evaluate service you would want to get, and after doing that, you will get some kind of price estimation. In most cases, you will get warranty documents with certain prices within. It should state that you will have to pay equal or less amount of money for agreed upon services, given that you have filled in all the items you will need to move and notified about all extra services you may need.

Tricky movers will show you lower price, and then they will try to find their way around and make you pay more, then you expected. Most people would want to avoid the problem of looking for new movers at the very last minute due to different factors, such as time restrictions.

Thorough verification of available information about the company will keep you safe from that type of problem. Check USDOT, registration, license and look up for reference from previous customers. Also, try to read through and understand what type of price estimate you sign. If you do not take it seriously, difference between what you expected to pay and the actual sum may be considerable.

2. Tiny Service Fees

That is another way for movers to get some extra cash from you. Many last minute tasks normally occur – packing another extra-safe level for fragile items, dismantling bulky furniture or simple labeling. Movers usually will offer help with such little things, but beware that you may have to pay for it after all. On the other hand, many movers already include such services in price, especially if you are moving cross-country. Double check all unclear moment before the move.
Best way to avoid that problem would be simple organization of the whole process in advance. Make sure to be acquainted with extra fees list as well.

3. Last Minute Calls, Lack of Punctuality

It only happened to me once, when movers could not bring our stuff to the destination the exact day we planned it. Was not much of a problem, though. Yet, a friend of mine had situation with double reschedule and 3 hours lateness. Worst-case scenario: total absence of movers on the planned day – so you need to hire another company the last minute and pay extra fees due to short notice.
This is a difficult thing to avoid completely. However, you can minimize the risk by hiring trusted mover, filling all the documents the right way. This includes clear date statement for both you and the company. Date of delivery may be stated as two to three day period for longer moves, as driving time may only be estimated approximately in some cases.

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4. Damaging Your Items

You take all reasonable actions in order to ensure safe packing and minimize hit damage risk, yet you find thing damaged or ruined, when unpacked. It may happen, because of mishandling or wrong items placement inside the truck. In some situation, when you finally get our items, not much left to repair, really. You have to recover mostly with help of friends and relatives, as our insurance turned out to cover only about half of your items. So, take insurance that is in line with the value of items that you plan to transport.

5. Inability to Get Your Stuff Back

It is probably the most annoying one. Moreover, is not as rare, as it may see. Movers load up your things, move to the destination and then insist that you need to pay some “forgotten” extras. In worst-case scenarios, clients had to pay almost double the price to get items back. It as a law violation, a crime. Problem is that if your belonging will be placed at the storage place, you will not have the possibility to get it back without violating law yourself.

Some people had a situation when their things were held up that way. They took police, a sympathizing mover’s driver, media involvement and several weeks worth of fighting over property access to get out stuff back. Therefore, we can give no advice, other than insist on carrying out the most serious research of movers, their reputation and previous customer service history.

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