All My Sons Moving & Storage in Oklahoma City

Type: Mover

Phone: (405) 358-4396

City: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Address: 6200 Tinker Diagonal, Midwest City, Oklahoma City, OK, 73110


  • Boxes & Packing
  • Storage Space Rental
  • Long distance (national) moving
  • Piano moving

Operational hours:

Sunday 6AM-9PM

Monday 6AM-9PM

Tuesday 6AM-9PM

Wednesday 6AM-9PM

Thursday 6AM-9PM

Friday 6AM-9PM

Saturday 6AM-9PM

Our professional movers take the time to fully understand your moving needs. We work hard to earn your trust before ever lifting that first box onto the truck. With All My Sons, you get over four generations of moving experience. So the talent to make sure everything goes smooth is definitely there. We take pride in doing a good job for you.
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According to the estimate I was given, I expected the move to cost around $750 - instead it was $935. I was charged a fuel charge of 10% of my bill - that includes the flat $159 "travel time" charge that they add - how does even begin to explain a fuel charge? I only moved 3 miles and it took them 20 minutes to drive that distance which, of course, was included in the labor charge.
I was charged for supplies they did not use. Specifically, I was charged for 4 mirror boxes @ $9ea when I only own 2 mirrors and neither were ever boxed. I was charged for 2 rolls of cling wrap @ $35ea and I only had two items wrapped -- a 3 drawer cabinet and a small 2-drawer filing cabinet. They used 1 roll and not even the whole thing. I was charged for 12 rolls (a whole pack) of tape when the only thing tape was used for was to hold closed the mattress bags and I saw all the other rolls laying in a pile on their truck. And they charged me for 4 mattress bags @ $8ea when I only had 2 mattresses and one box spring and the box spring was never bagged. I called about these charges and was told they'd get back to me but never heard from them again.
The crew chief was very unprofessional - he spent more time talking than working and his idea of banter with a woman is to talk about how he got fired from his last job for having inappropriate conversations with women and why he thinks everyone should lighten-up. For this reason, I mistakenly rushed through the payment process. Very convenient for them.
The two other young men were fantastic. They worked fast and consistently, were very polite, and should definitely not be forced to work under that man. Age does not automatically qualify a person to be in charge of others.
By my estimates, I am due a refund of $145 for the supplies and the overcharge for fuel (including the travel time fee is double-dipping).
May 8, 2021, 1:34:52 pm
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