O’Brien’s-Glose Moving & Storage in Allentown

Type: Mover

Phone: (610) 391-8311

City: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Address: 7066 Snowdrift Rd, Allentown, 18106


To get a quote or place an order, please call (610) 391-8311
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We arranged for O'Brien's to pack our remaining items and move us 1/2 hour away to our new home. Although they were very flexible with the number of date changes due to our close date being pushed out repeatedly, this is where the positive review ends.

On day two, they changed out the crew and except for the lead guy, an entirely new crew was called from a different moving company at the very last minute. This caused them to be 2-1/2 hours later than I was told to expect them – with no communication to let us know. Toward the end of the pack on day two, the lead guy continued to get more and more agitated with my requests to pack up items that THEY forgot including telling me flat out that he wasn't going to pack them. However, unknown to me until later, he took our remaining items and dumped them together unprotected into a wardrobe box. The box also was not sealed on the bottom so when they got to the house, the box fell out from the bottom, dumping our belongings on the floor of our garage, breaking several items. They also picked up and moved a tool cabinet FULL of heavy tools without removing anything and packing them separately. The entire shelf collapsed during the move. Stainless Steel garbage cans were dented, furniture was scratched, and our refrigerator dented.

Additionally, two of the crew members had an altercation at the new house which came very close to a fistfight between two of the workers, including quite a bit of vulgar language. One of the crew members had to take a “time out.” I've never in my life witnessed such an unprofessional crew.

We decided not to take the $500 insurance they offered since we packed about 80% of our belongings including the most fragile items. I’m so glad we packed most of it ourselves because I can’t imagine the damage we would have had to deal with if they packed everything. We received a whopping $82.00 for over $2k worth of damage that was THEIR fault 100%. I’m shocked that a moving company responsible for your most precious possessions takes ZERO responsibility for damage done by unprofessional and uncaring movers. The movers clearly didn’t care about the safety of our belongings.

I wouldn’t go near this company again with a 10-foot pole.
January 13, 2020, 10:22:08 pm
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