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To whom it may concern.....

The following description of details shall serve as my formal review and the subsequent claim I am making against, and my COMPLETE DISSATISFACTION with, North Dallas Moving and Storage, and their company president, Brandon Morris, for a move I made from Weatherford Texas to Santa Ynez California in late October, 2018.

I contracted with North Dallas Moving (through their sales agent Jim Carollo) last October 2018 for my move from Weatherford Texas to Santa Ynez California. My move was extensive, and I not only paid for additional insurance, but I also paid for their 3rd party agent (contracted directly by and between No. Dallas Moving and the subject 3rd party, solely) to specially wrap and “crate” several very valuable items, including a pool table, numerous art works, special pieces of high value antique furniture, as well as a couple items of custom items of furniture. My move totaled over $27,000, and I was directed that my possessions would not be “offloaded” at the California destination without North Dallas’s main driver (who was present at both the move’s location of origin, as well as the final destination) being presented with a certified money order at the initial time of arrival at the new destination. Not only was North Dallas’s main driver (and point man) verbally abusive of me, and my daughter, as the day progressed, but when 4:00 came along, and the movers were still far from being finished, the same main driver/point man started to verbally attack and harass me, which I have both an audio and video recording of; at that time, following the direction of the same man who had verbally assaulted me, the team of other movers literally started throwing and heaving items off the truck, even the items that had been specially wrapped, packed and/or crated. Although it had required two 10 hour days to pack and load the vans when leaving Texas (and that did not account for the third day for their “specialty packing and crating team” to do their part of the job), the main driver/point man (who was at both locations) declared after eight hours at my new home location, that his team from North Dallas Moving, who I had solely contracted with, and had already paid in full, for the entire move, from start to finish, was not responsible for, nor were they going to stay for more than the first eight hour day? In their rush to get finished and done, the men were finally throwing my possessions from the truck, whether they were crated and clearly marked as “Fragile” (by the exact method the No. Dallas moving team in Texas had instructed us to use), whether it was a desk, multiple chairs or antique Italian Olive jars, it was all being discarded from the moving van, with zero care being extended or employed.

I immediately contacted my No. Dallas Moving representative when the inappropriate verbal attacks, abusive and harassing behavior started on that first day, but because of the time difference, between California and Texas, on that initial day of unloading, etc.... I wasn’t successful in reaching anyone at the Texas office. My attempts to explain the actions and that horrible day were repeated over and over again for the next several weeks, and was only passed from one office to another; all attempts to frustrate and thwart my determination to obtain some satisfaction and accountability from North Dallas Movers. It is now almost an entire year later, and I have yet to receive any satisfaction; I have written statements from the third party No Dallas Agents hired to uncrate my valuable items at the California location, and their own accounts clearly state the amount of damage done to the “specially crated items” was unprecedented, and they weren't even able to put my custom pool table together due to the extent of damage done.....broken leg, and significantly cracked side board. Additionally, I have written reports from their other third parties sent to inspect my claims, as well as a written receipts of purchase and statements of value for the items that were so irreparably damaged.......but still no satisfaction! The verifiable ACTUAL DAMAGES owed to me is in excess of $50,000; yet still.....nothing from North Dallas Moving Company? They manage to “pass the buck” and shift focus, by redirecting every phone call of inquiry between different offices of either No. Dallas Moving or the parent company, United Van Lines.......but even, with written verification of added insurance, additional crating charges by agents of No. Dallas Movers, numerous other statements verifying the damage, original purchase receipts, and the corresponding value; as well as a video and audio recording of abusive, verbal assaults and harassing behavior by No. Dallas Moving’s employee, and I’m still left with the only option of chasing justice and recompense, in channels such as this! As such, I intend to publish this account of the incident, and personally pursue this matter as far as I need to take it! A smart lawyer once relayed to me.....”the truth is a powerful defense!” Thankfully, I still have that on my side! Respectfully, M. Capone
October 24, 2019, 7:49:35 pm
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