Johnson Storage & Moving Co. in Cheyenne

Type: Mover

Phone: (307) 637-7997

City: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Address: 204 Northamerican Rd, Cheyenne, 82007

Business hours

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm
Sat: Closed

To get a quote or place an order, please call (307) 637-7997
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I did not want Johnson Moving and Storage handling our household goods from the beginning. We had several neighbors and friends who had bad experiences. When TMO scheduled our move with them, I specifically asked for a different company. (Because there are only two moving companies in Cheyenne, we were given the choice to accept Johnson Moving and Storage or wait two months to move.)
Packing Day: Packing had been scheduled for two full days. When the team arrived on Day 1, my husband walked the three-person packing team from Johnson Moving and Storage through the house, pointing out closets and an outdoor shed that needed to be packed. The team was very nice and set to work packing up our household goods. At about 1400 they say they are wrapping up and heading out soon. I walk through the house and point to several closets and the outdoor shed that hadn’t been packed. They said they forgot about those spaces and acted like it was a burden and they were in a rush to leave. The team lead referred to our stuff as “shit” which gave us the first view into the poor service we would continue to encounter with Johnson Moving and Storage. The team did not return on Day 2, although there were several items that had not been packed. These ended up being packed on load day after I made several phone calls.
Load Day: When the moving truck driver (from a different company) arrived two days later to load our shipment, his team was frustrated that the pack team from Johnson Moving and Storage had not packed, inventoried, or marked items appropriately. All items had to be re-inventoried. Due to poor planning by UniGroup, a Johnson Moving and Storage truck was called in when all of our items did not fit on the first truck. This team threw all of our stuff into their moving van without wrapping furniture. We were very dissatisfied with the way they had loaded our belongings and called their supervisor, Mr. Mark Jimenez.
Mr. Jimenez made excuses for the team saying they did a sloppy job because they didn’t expect to be there and had to work on another move because it was the busy season. He said he would take “full responsibility” for the poor service and unprepared crew. Our items were taken back to the Johnson Moving and Storage warehouse where they sat for the next two weeks. By our required delivery date, our items had not even left Cheyenne.
When our items were delivered to our destination, all of the items from the Johnson Moving and Storage Truck were damaged or destroyed. The destination movers even said “Wow, it looks like your packers were pissed off.” I will be filing a hefty claim for the damage. Mark Jimenez promised me he would take full responsibility for the damages so hopefully he can pay this bill.
June 28, 2018, 2:42:10 pm
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