Worldwide Moving Systems in Longmont

Type: Mover

Phone: (303) 776-8529

City: Longmont, Colorado

Address: 501 S. Francis St., Longmont, CO, 80501

To get a quote or place an order, please call (303) 776-8529
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What a disaster/fiasco Worldwide Moving of Longmont is. DO NOT USE THEM - unless you want your belongings destroyed.

We had a delay from our Longmont move out to our move in (April 21 to May 10) so we had to store our belongings. On May 10th we were told that our driver was diverted to Limon Colorado. We now live near Telluride in southwest Colorado so if they were in Limon they were going the wrong direction. Then we were told that they had to turn back because the pass (Monarch) was closed. Obviously they didn't check road construction reports. The next day we were told that the truck had a flat tire near Georgetown (at least they were heading in the correct direction) and they would be delayed another day. The next day the driver arrived without a crew but with a semi that could not go up our driveway. We had explicitly told them that they needed to use smaller trucks. When the crew arrived on Friday (4 days late) they opened up the back of the trailer to start delivering our belongings. Only problem was that they WEREN'T OUR BELONGINGS. They told us that a crew would arrive the next day (Saturday) with our belongings. They never arrived nor did they ever call us - we had to call them to find out that the belongings and crew would not be arriving that day. Then we were told that all would arrive Sunday morning by 9. They arrived at 11 telling us that due to highway construction they were diverted to Ouray. That wasn't possible so it was an outright lie. Then the fun began.
Many boxes were crushed. We didn't have time to un-box any of them but were assured that any damage would be covered. We found furniture with legs broken off. We found valuable artwork destroyed. They had packed our 65" TV. When I went to set it up I found the screen shattered a complete loss.

I did file the damage claim as they requested. Mary Anderson, who quoted the work and was appalled with the delivery issues and destruction of our belongings, originally said that she would be my advocate. Now she tells me to contact them directly - because they never responded to my damage claim.

This company should not be allowed to stay in business. The only way to make that happen is to not use them.
My rating - ZERO stars
September 19, 2022, 6:51:35 pm
Our move from Denver to Las Vegas required storage of our items. We were quoted 3 prices, one for the local move to storage, the monthly storage rent and the price to move from Denver to Las Vegas. Our new home took longer than expected to be built so rather than 2-3 months of storage, we had to store for 5 months. When we were ready for our shipment, they raised the "Price Locked" interstate move by 30%!!! I have opened a FMCSA complaint about this. Our shipment arrived late, with very little communication. Apparently the front office has no idea what the loaders and truckers are actually doing. Our shipment arrived and some pieces were damaged, but my experience is this always happens. But many large furniture pieces are missing! A couch, 5 easy chairs, patio furniture, a head board, dining room table and boxes. Again, the front office knew nothing about the partial shipment. It's been 9 days since we received the partial shipment and nobody has been able to provide a date for the delivery of our missing items. They're not even returning my phone calls at this point.
February 17, 2022, 7:35:17 pm
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