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 When it comes to moving your personal possessions, you need a company you can trust. A Maloney Moving & Storage, Inc. has been in the moving business for over a decade serving families in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Whether you are  moving locally,  out of state, or just about anywhere else  in the world, we can help. We also provide  portable storage as well as  warehouse storage  at our secured facility on Jefferson Highway in Elmwood. 
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I had Joe Diamond and Kenny Gonzales ( manager) come to my Hurricane Ida damaged custom house in LaPlace to talk about moving my belongings while my house is being repaired. When I initially spoke to Joe, I expressed concern for care for my belongings, and asked if they did white glove treatment. I was assured that they work with the film industry(of which my daughter is a member), and they had just packed a house on St. Charles Avenue, with many antiques. i was promised that the utmost care would be taken of my remaining possessions and well guarded, plus they could move a $13K wine refrigerator and a 900lb. Liberty Safe to the master bedroom, I felt good about it.....

Until the 3 workers showed up at my home on Friday..... they did not use a ramp up my 3 brick steps, as most white glove treatment deliveries had done, and they did not protect my floors. I have chipped brick, scraped floors....wardrobe boxes and mattresses were slid down the stairs. At that point, I told them I did not want them moving the safe or Eurocave wine refrigerator, but the head guy just said "sorry" about 10 times as I expressed my outrage at the way they were treating my things. I tried to call the office, but everyone left early and there was no one to complain to. Some of the furniture already had plastic packing wrap, and that was torn off. There was a chip in one of the chest of drawers. They placed them on a 45 degree angle then rolled them down level.... even basic moving services know better than that. Then on top of that, they did not want to put all the damage on the paper I was to sign. I found the gouge in my Liberty Safe. I don't know how the that happened. It's fireproof and has a very sturdy finish.

We feel we've been doubly assaulted, between the storm and what we had left.

I've been offered $300 for my troubles. Apparently, I caused Kenny a bad day, as my complaint was just ruining his day. Joe would not answer my calls and Kenny came out to assess the damage in person, but still would not offer to fix the damages. I had my ac guys and neighbors over who are witnesses to the areas not being damaged beforehand, besides pictures.

I am not confident in the company's ability to move my things back and will be having another company to take care of that. I don't know if there is any other damage from the move of the furniture they are storing, but I can tell you there was not a scratch on the dining furniture, or the large bookcase, the Secretary desk or the tv console. Not a scratch!

We want the things repaired. We don't want a measly $300 credit. We are extremely upset. The owner has not responded to us, even though we've written 3 emails detailing the damage.

Do not use this company if you value your things. There's a reason you can't leave a review on FB.
April 28, 2022, 12:36:10 am
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