Auburn Moving Company, Inc. in Newcastle

Type: Mover

Phone: (530) 823-8685 or (888) 233-8685

City: Newcastle, California

Address: 10000 Hill View Road, Newcastle, CA, 95658

To get a quote or place an order, please call (530) 823-8685
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I used this company for a move and I would never recommend them to anyone. They subbed out my move to an even worse moving company called Budget Moving. That company sent untrained movers who were very nice but they damaged my stuff. when asked if I needed to get a larger storage unit they said no and inappropriately stacked boxes marked fragile, damaged my year and a half old couch by dragging it across the concrete and forcing it into the unit, put my white rug in exterior flower pot with dirt in it, ruined a brand new west elm shelf and still could not fit everything in the storage unit they said they could.
When I addressed these issues with Budget Moving I got told by Dave their boss that I might not be telling the truth about how his movers had moved my couch. David was constantly contacting the crew to get to another job throughout the last hour of my move.
I then decided I should address this with Auburn Moving Company since they hired budget. It took over 2 and half months to resolve this issue and the resolution was a joke. She took off half my moving costs, all of which were incurred because of the poor quality of their vendor and their employees who vocalized that they would have to unload another truck if they get back to shop after they were done with my storage unit swap. It took these 2 guys over 2.5 hours to move my stuff 60 ft to a larger storage unit, I started moving my stuff they were moving so slow. I own about a 2 bedroom apartment worth of stuff.

Over all - it took these two companies from 8am to 4pm to move 4 miles away and put enough stuff that fits in 2 bedrooms apartment into a storage unit. I got a bill for over $800 and I got to move some of my own stuff. So when I submitted images of my damaged couch, damaged shelf, and poor workmanship I found it appalling that the best she could do was take of $415 of the bill and offer no payout for my damaged items.

July 9, 2022, 7:33:06 pm
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