A and P Moving, Inc. in Novato

Type: Mover

Phone: (415) 883-2391

City: Novato, California

Address: 111 Hamilton Drive, Novato, CA, 94949

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To get a quote or place an order, please call (415) 883-2391
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Unfortunately, my partner and I had an awful experience with Darcy Quinn and A and P Moving. Despite paying almost $7,000, our belongings were damaged and dropped in the middle of the street. The driver, who was elderly and not capable of moving heavy boxes, did not bring a single person to assist with the drop-off.

Instead, I was forced to drag a king mattress, 40+ moving boxes, a 60-inch TV, fragile artwork, and a 70-inch solid wood desk up my driveway without any assistance at 7 AM. Even better, the enormous moving truck blocked my neighbors from exiting our cul-de-sac as they desperately tried to get to work on time.

When I spoke to Darcy Quinn about the mishap, she apologized profusely and said what occurred was completely unacceptable and unanticipated. But after speaking with "customer service" she offered us just $100, (1.5% of our total moving cost) for the "inconvenience." According to Darcy and A and P, unloading thousands of pounds of furniture from a truck into your home is worth less than 1.5% of your move. If you disagree, and think unloading your furniture is a big reason you're spending several thousand dollars for other people to do exactly that, get another cheaper option and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Further, the items were not properly stored and transported. I guess one benefit of doing the move myself is that I got to see inside the messy, haphazard truck. Our expensive mattress arrived with a major splotch of black mold and mildew (see below). It was in perfect condition, as evidenced by the inventory sheet when it was packed. The only thing between it and the floor of the moving truck was a thin sheet of plastic. My solid wood desk (also in perfect condition on the inventory sheet) arrived with a chunk missing. It was laid bare on the wall with the protective blankets tangled below. Finally, my $1k+ steelcase chair was entirely missing.

Finally, Darcy, the website, and emails provided by A and P and Bekins, indicated that the "driver and his crew will prepare your house by protecting the floors and doorways" and assist with unloading items into your home. That's a direct quote from their "drop off" FAQ. The driver did not step one foot inside my garage, home, or even my driveway. To suddenly not offer assistance at the last minute without explanation is clearly contrary to their assurances and advertising.

All that said, find another moving company and representative that cares about your experience and belongings, or just move it yourself. But whatever you do, don't use Darcy Quinn/A and P, or you'll somehow end up paying $7k to move every single thing you own into your new home by yourself.
August 21, 2023, 9:24:07 pm
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