Smith Dray Line & Storage, Inc. in Rock Hill

Type: Mover

Phone: (803) 327-1231

City: Rock Hill, South Carolina

Address: 1421 Dave Lyle Blvd. Tech Park N., Rock Hill, SC, 29730

To get a quote or place an order, please call (803) 327-1231
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We contracted with Dray Lines in April of 2020 for an in-state move. The representative from their company was most pleasant and professional. The gentlemen who arrived to move us were also very pleasant and worked diligently to get our things packed up. Ours was a large move which included having our belonging in storage for three months. When we requested our furniture be delivered, it was handled efficiently and again, the gentleman who arrived to deliver our furniture were very pleasant and worked very hard.

Upon arrival, there were two pieces of furniture that were obviously damaged. One of the movers told us that “if you have any more problems with anything, contact our office and they will take care of it. Don’t send anything in until you have opened up all the boxes”. This was a specific methodology to be used by us. Nothing was stated about retaining the damaged boxes. We had conversations with the original representative that we dealt with about the fact that our move was insured, and nothing was stated about saving boxes. This was a huge, and we believe, intentional omission in order to avoid paying damages. As we began opening our boxes, we found several personal items, such as china and glassware, that were broken. We documented those pieces by taking pictures of them. Our items were delivered on July 2, 2020. As I stated, ours was a large move so there were many boxes to go through. On July 8, 2020, I contacted the company and requested whatever I would need to make a claim. I received an email from the representative of the company. In those documents was a letter stating if damage has occurred, “do not discard any damaged item or cartons before final settlement of claim”. We were never told this when the items were delivered. Obviously, after a week had passed, we had discarded the boxes. If we had been told to retain any damaged boxes, we certainly would have.

Once we turned in our claim, together with pictures of the damaged items, we received an email and a telephone call saying that we would need to furnish pictures of the damaged boxes. We had not taken pictures of the boxes and of course the boxes had been discarded. Our claim was for $745.73, which was fair and reasonable. After approximately four weeks of submitting our claim, we received a check in the amount of $475.00, together with a statement on the check stating that “acceptance and negotiation of this check will be considered full and final payment in all matters regarding your claim”.

The first amount they reduced was for an antique wash stand which was so destroyed that it was in pieces. I supplied them with a picture of a similar wash stand and priced it according to its value. They reduced the amount they paid by $95.00 saying they could find cheaper similar replacements.

They denied all of our personal items due to the fact that they were “Packed by Owner”. As the owner, I personally have packed, moved and stored some of the china which was damaged several times since 1971. In all of the moves, none of this china was even chipped. On this move, several pieces were broken. All of the china was packed securely in moving boxes and wrapped in bubble wrap and/or packing paper. All boxes were marked in huge letters “FRAGILE”. If these boxes had been handled correctly, nothing would have broken.

We accepted the check since a battle would not have been worth the effort. I am sure they are aware of this too.

I am writing this review simply to give potential customers a “heads up”. If you desire to do business with this company, please retain any boxes and/or damaged items. We feel confident that this is a corporate technique to deny claims.
September 22, 2020, 3:48:35 pm
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