Two Men and a Truck in Salt Lake City

Type: Mover

Phone: +1-(801) 747-1033

City: Salt Lake City, Utah

Address: 2550 Decker Lake Blvd #1, Salt Lake City, UT, 84119

  • Boxes & Packing
  • Long distance (national) moving

To get a quote or place an order, please call +1-(801) 747-1033
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Hired Two Men and a truck for a local move within the Salt Lake City area. I decided to go with them because they are a known name and I was told their workers are given background checks. The morning of the move things seemed to be going well, they did care for my property. Towards the end I was asked to sign some papers by the drive, I signed no issue. The driver then made me an offer. If i paid him in cash he would give me a discount and cap the number of hours i was being charged. If he doesn't complete the work on time that would be on him and his partner but they would still pay the main office. I thought the office did know they were here doing a job so there was no way to scam them so i agreed to the terms.

They moved my items to the new location, the only issue with the actual move was they forgot two items. No big deal, they were small so i took them myself. They also bent an old lamp and honestly i had no issue with that as well. Overall they did well so my wife gave the driver a generous tip. He hung around a while and i came out looking for him to pay him his cash. I thought I made out well receiving a decent discount. Days later I found out they charged my wife's credit card which they had on file when she booked the move. That is when it dawned on me that I did not collect a receipt for the cash transaction. A big mistake on my part!

We started the complaint process with the office. After several phone calls over a couple of weeks i was told the general manager was going to take action and would get back to me with the resolution. That was the last i heard from them.

I was cheated out of hundreds of dollars. This dishonesty on their part is the reason they get a half a star from me. If i can't trust them when making payments I should not trust them with my property. It's very unfortunate that the office would not do anything either despite the serious nature of their workers actions. Instead they tried accusing my wife and i of not telling the truth and having inconsistent stories. I am now considering my legal options but will never use this company again and will discourage my friends and peers from using them.
July 13, 2017, 4:44:30 am
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