Type: Truck rental

Phone: (518) 383-3140

City: Clifton Park, New York

Address: 1406A ROUTE 9, Clifton Park, NY, 12065

  • Storage Space Rental

Business hours

Mon-Fri: 9:30 am - 6 pm
Sat: 9:30 am - 4 pm

Operational hours:

Mon-Sun: 24 hours

To get a quote or place an order, please call (518) 383-3140
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Everything started out ok, the folks were very nice, and promised good conditions about their storage units. We were somewhat concerned about water damage due to the low ground, but they said the unit door is sealed and waterproof, they also suggested that we buy insurance to have the piece of mind, so we did. Unfortunately, we had to store our belongings longer than we thought, so it went through all four seasons and saw the worst of everything. When it was time to move things out, we first noticed water damage on the ground, because they don't plow snow very well, snow just piled up and water seeped through the door, so much for water proof. But by far the worst thing, which we didn't know, is excessive vermin damage. There were at least 2 different kinds of mouse/vermin droppings everywhere, small and big, some even went through boxes. Mouse/vermin also caused damage to mattress and sofa (urine marks, bite marks all over), which we had to throw away. We contacted insurance company, but were told that water damage is not even covered by insurance, so apparently both insurance company and storage know there will be water damage, and they don't want to cover it at all. Also, vermin damage has an upper limit of $200, which is less than what we paid for insurance in total. In the end, we left some badly damaged items in the unit. Initially they said the disposal fee will be $75-150, but then they tried to rip us off more by saying that they will charge a few months rental fee, because the leftover is our problem, not theirs. We had to fight back really hard to settle down the matter, because the reason we left these items behind is due to damage caused by poor storage conditions. The whole thing is a nightmare for us. We wish we had known about water damage and vermin issues beforehand, so that we would have chosen a better place for storage. This place is very poorly maintained, they don't do anything to the units to keep them in the least decent condition.
November 13, 2018, 4:15:28 am
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