C Farrell Towing in Erie

Type: Truck rental

Phone: (814) 403-4027

City: Erie, Pennsylvania

Address: 1305 E 10th St, Erie, 16503

Business hours

Mon-Sat: 8 am - 6 pm

To get a quote or place an order, please call (814) 403-4027
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The Ubox drop off (to unload, 2nd part of the move) was over 3.5 hours late (Ubox delivery service provided by C Farrell Towing, if using Uhaul request that this company isn't used). Uhaul tried to deliver the Uboxes next day, until I pushed back/argued with them that we couldn't accept next day delivery b/c we had a move-in window (due to covid) that if changed would be the following week at the earliest.
Every call into Uhaul took 20 or more minutes to get a connection. Many of the calls had to be transferred, etc (seemed disorganized).
The drop off driver was rude, and tried to make up several excuses as why the boxes were late, one of which was they couldn’t get there truck to the drop off site. The drop off site was a in a large parking lot that was accessible by way of a flat road and long flat driveway.
When we went to open the boxes the next morning to begin the unload, the boxes were bolted shut (should have been removed by delivery driver), I called to resolve, after 20 mins on hold I got generic Uhaul customer service rep, who said I would get a call back within the hour.

Since I had a 20min wait, I decided to go to the nearby Lowes (thankfully only 5mins away), I purchased a $20 wrench set and removed the bolts myself (took about 35mins b/c one of bolts was so damaged it wouldn’t come out. However, with the over bolt removed I was able to pry the edge of the door past the large washer on the bolt).
Never got a return call on the bolt issue, had to call next day to complain. Got a very bland apology and a refund of $50/box due to issues (late deliver & bolts). By the way this is a guarantee (in the contract) that was never discussed I had to ask for the refund (it was never offered).

Forgot to mention that the delivery driver at drop off also damaged the new landscape/grass at the apartment complex. This was brought to my attention by the leasing manager, I had to have a Uhaul insurance claim filed (Uhauls insurance, more wasted time and phone calls on my part setting up the claim).
Overall Uhaul did the job they should have at 1st drop off of Uboxes (for loading, 1st part of move) and storage (until drop off for 2nd part of move). However, they did such a terrible job on the drop off of boxes for 2nd part of move that I would not recommend using Ubox, I would try an different company, or use Ubox as a last resort.
I’ve used Uhaul for years (truck rental, box trucks, vans, pickups), they always do a great job with truck rentals. However I don’t think they have very organized setup for Ubox.
July 6, 2020, 1:08:40 pm
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