Storage Barns in Missoula

Type: Truck rental

Phone: (406) 203-0129

City: Missoula, Montana

Address: 1640 Montana St, Missoula, 59801

Business hours

Mon-Fri: 9 am - 10 pm
Sat-Sun: 9 am - 9 pm

To get a quote or place an order, please call (406) 203-0129
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Kami the owner was judgemental and hypocritical after I finally got her on the phone. She has no right to impart her personal opinion on matters that don't concern her, and make disparaging comments about someone's disabilities. She refused to answer my questions, and then hung up on me. If having a Uhaul attached to your business is inconvenient, then dont do it.
December 7, 2023, 4:22:02 am
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