H&J Auto Sales LLC in Rocky Mount

Type: Truck rental

Phone: (252) 442-0137

City: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

Address: 323 E Thomas St, Rocky Mount, NC, 27801

Business hours

Mon-Fri: 10 am - 6 pm

To get a quote or place an order, please call (252) 442-0137
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The customer was unduly influenced by the actions of SCAMMER Annaia McLamb, whose case was also dismissed after being caught driving a vehicle she claimed was undergoing $10k worth of repairs in court, resulting in her walking to court and her children missing school.

This customer attempted to exploit the transparency shown during our apology. She employed the same tactics, including threats of legal action, negative business reviews, and social media posts, in an attempt to extort a refund for unfounded mechanical issues.

In an effort to maintain the business relationship and avoid conflict, we offered several solutions, valid only on the day of the original complaint. Following a private discussion with her partner, she opted to retain the 18-year-old vehicle she previously claimed was her dream car. Additionally, at her request, a diagnostic was conducted by a reputable service provider, with transportation provided for her convenience. However, it's important to note that no mechanical issues were found, and all service records were provided to the customer.

After weeks of driving and payment arrangements, the unsupported complaint evolved into demands for a refund. Social media harassment, repetitive complaints, and character defamation culminated in 2 COURT DISMISSALS!

Grant us permission to share our documented account, including text messages. The rental was deactivated due to a breach of contract. Initially, the customer claimed that these photos depicted the BMW after a trusted family member attempted to validate the statement given by the external vendor, resulting in a vehicle malfunction on the way home. However, she wasn’t certain if the issue arose after his inspection. The vehicle was driven instead of towed, as confirmed by GPS and office surveillance. The scheduled appointment for discussing next steps was on 11/6, not 11/7, due to a longstanding election commitment planned two years in advance.
March 26, 2024, 1:34:14 pm
don't support this black own company lies
H & J Auto Sales

September 15, 2023 I purchased a 2005 bmw convertible 7 days later 9,22,23 return trouble starting tim the owner said I can get someone else for the same or lesser price ot allow them to get it repair by someone who deals with bmw because he isn't a mechanic or have any on staff. So after looking for a hour I didn't see anything else so I wanted my money back so he asked again let us fix it please I said ok. They have me a rental car I said ok nice people. So now let's move to the wife as we are doing the paperwork for the rental she said you can't drive it out of town I said o no I'm on my way to Charlotte for the weekend but pl no worries I have another car at home well this rental was horrible clicking all the way home yes I told them so they paid for the rental and I lived a hour away. I said I feel like I'm making the biggest mistake of my life his wife said if the car isn't still working right we will give you your money back all but 100.00 I said let me make sure I'm understanding you will give me money back today even after you fix the issues of it still isn't working right I can get a refund she said yes who wouldn't take that deal I gave them $2,300.00.. so on oct 23,2023 i picked up the car after repair the battery was died they put a new battery in a week late the service engine soon came on I told them that on nov 5, 2023 the car shut off on high I had to get towed I called and text the wife I will return the car and just want a refund so on today 11,7, 2023 tim said talks to the wife and she never said she wasn't coming in the blame game back and for I will be getting a attorney to sue right is right wrong is wrong and a verbal contact is just as legal as paper. I left the car removed the tag and will report this place they had the car for repairs.more then I drove the car all I want is a refund to get me another car not from them. Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce Experience Downtown Rocky Mount Rocky Mount, NC Activities Jabaris “Jkelly” Walker, Rocky Mount Councilman Ward 7 Rocky Mount Proud City of Rocky Mount, NC Gov. Offices
November 17, 2023, 12:29:08 pm
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