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Phone: (805)642-0221 or (800)739-6683

City: Ventura, California

Address: 1595 S. Arundell Ave., Ventura, CA, 93003

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To get a quote or place an order, please call (805)642-0221
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UPDATE! BAIT AND SWITCH, MAJOR DECEPTION… It’s 3 months later, and what started out as a nightmare has only gotten worse. Sally from Hilford finally called me AFTER my review hit YELP—what a surprise. She claimed that she “wanted to help” after hearing about the atrociously unprofessional service I received. She sent out her rep April to see if my stainless steel doors could be “fixed with putty” or the “dents knocked out”—um, no. April was in my house fewer than 4 minutes and agreed the damage was irreparable (she DID NOT take pictures of the fridge). Next, Sally offered to buy me a used refrigerator she found on Craigslist—NOT the same brand and who knows how old. She reminded me I “signed for the $0.60/pound insurance” but she “wanted to help me…IF I WOULD TAKE DOWN THE YELP REVIEW.” I turned down that fridge, but found TWO of MY exact model on Craigslist for $500 each. At this point, Sally agreed to pay me $500, but they would be picking up the damaged fridge because they had salvage rights. I agreed. After searching and going to look at several used refrigerators, I was uncomfortable buying one that I did not know the history of—mine was only 5 years old and meticulously taken care of. Therefore, I had to go out and buy a new one, intending to put the $500 towards my $1640 purchase of an equal fridge. I let Sally know, and she agreed (in writing) to bring me a check for $500 check and pick up the fridge the movers damaged on 9/9/2020. When the rep April arrived on 9/9, she took pictures, told me, “We aren’t taking the fridge” and handed me a check for $270—NOT $500.

READY FOR THIS? After 7 additional weeks of lying to me, Sally claims the fridge is not the original fridge in my claim (despite my pictures not only from the day of the move, but of the fridge IN MY kitchen—all sent to her, and April NOT taking a single picture at her first visit to my house). It was literally sitting in my dining room for a week after my new one was delivered. The delivery men could have taken this damaged fridge away, but I waiting for Hilford to take it…then she left it for me to dispose of and paid me only the insurance amount DESPITE HER MOVERS NOT BRINGING A REFRIGERATOR DOLLY TO MOVE MY FRIDGE!

This company DOES NOT have a stitch of integrity. What could have been a quick response to my claim, an acceptance of responsibility for their movers NOT coming prepared to move items that were ON THEIR QUOTE, has now turned into 3 months of additional stress and heartache. Save yourself a lawsuit and book your move with a different company.

POSTED 7/24/2020
PLEASE READ! I needed help to move literally one street over and what I got was a disaster!
I received an in-person walk-through quote from Pete that included everything. I planned for 4-5 hours of help, deciding to have the movers do the upstairs and appliances. The "movers" arrived WITHOUT ANY TOOLS to disassemble furniture--which was all listed on the quote--in order to move it down stairs (thank goodness I happen to have an Allen wrench set and a screwdriver!) The "movers" DID NOT WRAP/PROTECT ANY FURNITURE despite my requests to do so. They did not even protect the white wood banisters with blankets. The only thing they wrapped was my daughter's brand new dresser and night stand with MY plastic wrap--which does not protect anything, just keeps drawers closed--and both the dresser and her desk (not wrapped and boxes put on top of it in the truck) were scratched, the leg of the dresser has chunks out of it. They used a dolly on which stacks of fragile boxes were stacked and clunked down the stairs, then COMPLAINED they had to move the up wood stairs in the new house because they couldn't use a dolly. They dragged furniture in the truck instead of lifting it. I even reassembled the beds MYSELF (see Allen wrenches)! They proceeded to tell me it was taking longer because they weren't told about the wood stairs and...the “movers” DID NOT BRING a refrigerator dolly TO MOVE THE FRIDGE! The put it on a regular dolly--NO BLANKET OR PROTECTION from the metal--which scratched the side, then rolled it down the side of my house with the doors facing out and DENTED BOTH DOORS on the gas meter! I was calling Pete the whole time, frantic at the damage and unprofessionalism. When I was upset they ruined my fridge and pointed it out, the "movers" decided to LEAVE MY FRIDGE ON THE BACK PATIO because they were angry at being blamed for the damage. The "movers" blamed Pete for not telling them they had to move a fridge (which was ON THE QUOTE). I told them to leave, at which time they charged me the whole amount for the four hours it took them to move less than half my house around the corner. Pete finally called and was "shocked and sorry" on the day of my move but guess what?! I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM HIM SINCE. I HAVE EMAILED MY CLAIM--WITH FOUR FOLLOW-UP EMAILS--AND NO ONE WILL CALL ME BACK. It's been 6 weeks today and I still have a ruined fridge and no answers.
September 14, 2020, 3:05:05 am
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